This site is provided for use by the public.  It can be used to search for information on a property/properties, and/or to pay taxes on a property/properties using a credit/debit card or by e-check.


 The final 2019 Real Estate tax assessment and billing information will not be available until mid to late October. 

 The 2019 Real Property tax statements will be mailed at the end of October, with the first half due on December 2nd, 2019,  and the second half due  June 1st, 2020.


 The second half of all 2019 mobile home property taxes is due to the Gallatin County Treasurer’s Office by 5:00 PM December 2nd, 2019.  Mail postmarked by December 2nd will be accepted.

 For a change of mailing address, questions regarding the assessed market value of property, appeals, or legal description of property, contact the Montana Department of Revenue – Bozeman Office at 406-582-3400 or email:

 PLEASE NOTE:  If you mailed your payment close to the due date, your parcel status may show as delinquent until we have had a chance to process it.  Please contact our office at the number below if the status continues to show as delinquent longer than one week after the deadline.

If the status of your parcel shows as “Current, Assignment Taken” please call the Treasurer’s Office at 406-582-3031 as soon as possible for further information.


·       The most effective way to search is by using one criterion (i.e. name or address or parcel #).  Entering more than one criterion may result in an incomplete search.

·       When searching by owner name, you must search last name first name (or initial).   Example:  SMITH JOE OR SMITH J.  Do not include commas or other punctuation between the last and first names.

·       To obtain payment information, click on the “history” link on the following screen, select the appropriate year, and follow the prompts.

·       To ensure payment is applied to the correct parcel, we recommend that you search by Property/Parcel/TaxID, if that information is available to you.

·       The accuracy of this data is not guaranteed as it is updated regularly while payments are applied or changes are made by the Department of Revenue.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns at 406-582-3030, Extension #2.

Property/Parcel TaxID:
Owner Name:
(Example: Smith Joe   or   Smith)

Property Address:
Number Pre Dir Street Name Post Dir City
Geo Code:
(Example: 06-1105-25-3-27-05-0000)

Subdivision Name

Block   Lot

Sec, Twp, Rge:
Section Township Range


If you are having trouble using this search page, please contact our office at 406-582-3030 - Extension #2. 

 If you believe there is an error on the property owner’s name, geo-code, address, etc.., or have questions regarding your market and/or taxable value, please contact the Montana Department of Revenue – Bozeman Office, at 406-582-3400. 

*The accuracy of this data is not guaranteed. Property tax data was last updated 11/11/2019 06:00 PM.

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